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We are an independent communications agency whose every waking moment revolves around people.

We find the good in people. (Our talent. Our clients. Our consumers.) And then, great things happen.

About Us

Stirred pushes ideas and products with passion and creativity so that people embrace them in full measure. Building on its strength in advertising, Stirred has grown over the last decade into a creative company that offers a broad portfolio of communication solutions.

Our take on awards

Creative excellence is the bedrock on which we build brands. The recognition of our peers matter. We derive quiet satisfaction when our ideas are not smothered by the banal, the desire to be safe, the unwillingness to dare. Yet, we refuse to be daunted by awards season, and we’ll not find a pet grooming service to do a speculative campaign. If we shine, let it be for our clients. On every job, every day.

Stirred is a creative family that puts soul, sinew, and thought into helping the people behind brands lift heavy.