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Brand Consultancy

For brands to succeed, they need to be heard over the cacophony. They need to be relevant to the customer, today and all days to come. They need to tell a compelling story, one that plays out consistently across touchpoints.

For fledgling and established brands, Stirred defines purpose and voice and outlines a brand story that sets them apart from the crowd, and positions them to the customer, as a worthy companion.

This articulation of brand soul and DNA helps lay the foundation for everything that follows. It's the underpinning for design, advertising and digital initiatives that Stirred undertakes to endear the brand to the only constituency that matters: the customer.


Loud? Camp? Over the top?

Not our style, sorry. Because we believe that for every design challenge, there exists a simple and elegant answer. And that's the solution we hunt down. Every. Single. Time.

Stirred provides a broad suite of design services - from corporate identity design, brand architecture, environmental design, packaging aesthetic to collateral design, wayfinding design and more.



If you'd talked to us seven years back, we would have told you that advertising is where we are in our elements. We thrive in the realm of creative communication, both mass media and below-the-line. We craft compelling stories across print, radio, television, outdoor and digital, and make people sit up and take notice.

These stories are meant to elicit a 'stirring' - be it a nudge towards purchase, or an active acknowledgement of what our brands stand for. Over the seventeen years of our existence, we have spoken eloquently on behalf of clients large and small.



We help brands go beyond the meaningless spaces of Likes, Shares and Trending hashtags. Through a wholesome approach to digital that integrates it seamlessly with wider marketing and business goals.

Our services include:

Digital Strategy Development; Channel planning across digital, social, search and mobile; Campaign creative and management; Search marketing; Digital analytics; Website design and development; Web presence and community development.



In today's complex retail environment, product packaging assumes a multi-dimensional aspect of marketing - from cueing brand values to satisfying consumer needs, from cost savings through optimal use of the packaging material to actively 'selling' the product itself. More and more, packaging straddles both the protective and persuasive functions.

At Stirred, we deliver Premedia Solutions that address the typical needs of the packaging world. Working with clients and suppliers across the globe, we shorten go-to-market times, reduce error and optimize costs.

Our services include:

Structural design; Packaging design; Brand adaptations; 3D visualization and prototyping; Artwork production services; Reprographic services; Press approval services; Offshore pre-media services.