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About the Campaign


For HCG hospitals, we created a focused positioning of ‘the specialist in cancer care’, a propositioned which then cascaded through various communications that targeted specific cancer-related ailments. The key to our communication strategy was to feature real patients and their stories of courage.

A series of award-winning, impactful and effective campaigns later, HCG is today considered the leader in its category.

  • Advertising
  • Design
  • Healthcare

The Challenge

There are several misconceptions about cancer care due to a lack of awareness. One such major issue was the close association of organ removal to cancer treatment.

This was an opportunity for HCG to create awareness about its advanced surgery protocols in favour of organ preservation.

The Solution

A campaign that used real patient stories to recognize a patient’s greatest fear of organ removal compromising their quality of life, and to give them a new ray of hope that they could find at HCG because of its multi-disciplinary approach.

The Result

An increase in direct walk-ins for cancer diagnosis and treatment; footfalls increased by 35%.